Auto Detailing & Cleaning

Interior Detailing

$100.00 and up

Vacuum interior and trunk
Clean interior glass and mirrors
Dash and console cleaned
Leather and vinyl cleaned
Door panels/Jams cleaned
**ADD $70 for shampoo - car or pickup
**ADD $100 for shampoo - van or SUV

Exterior Detailing

$100.00 and up

Hand washed and dried
Hand Waxed
Street grime, tar and bugs removed
Wheels polished
Tires cleaned and dressed

Interior + Exterior Detailing

$160.00 and up


heavily soiled vehicles - $50
Shampoo (car or pickup) - $70
Shampoo (van or SUV) - $100
Clay bar - $100

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Semis, RV's


Washing & Waxing

Dealership Rate


Interior & Exterior Detailing including Shampoo and Clay Bar.
*Additional $50 for Polishing and Buffing

Buffing and Polishing - Come to shop for estimates